Florals and Wellness with Julia Shelton

Rhododendrons, orchids, and sweet peonies—these flowers gently influence our emotions with their vibrant colours, delicate textures, and enchanting fragrances. In this quest for well-being, Toronto-based floral company 2Peonies aims to seamlessly incorporate nature's beauty into our daily lives, elevating our senses and fostering a deeper connection to the natural world.

In this interview, Julia Shelton, founder and creative director of 2Peonies, speaks about flower psychology, using solitude as a means to recharge, and the inspiration behind her flower delivery circuit.



Gabryel: How would you best describe yourself?

Julia: A passionate individual — which comes through in my work and personal life. I'm always working because I love what I do. I like spending time doing low-key activities with people who enjoy similar surroundings. I'm introverted — but I adore good chats and connecting with other passionate people!

Gabryel: I often hear you mentioning flower psychology in your work. Could you describe what flower psychology is and the impact flowers have on well-being?

Julia: Flower psychology is essentially a sensory experience. The visual impact and fragrance that flowers bring into our environment directly influence how we perceive our space and help shift our focus away from internal dissonance. Nature draws us away from inner tension by captivating our attention with our surroundings and flowers can offer a fragment of that effect when brought indoors.

"Various colours, shapes, and scents all create soothing sensory experiences."  



"Wildflowers offer an amazing, natural look to arrangements. We source them locally which is why we naturally have a wonderful changing progression of varieties as the months go by."


Gabryel: How do you personally nurture your well-being and incorporate self-care into your routine?

Julia: I like to take a lot of time for myself. Where extroverts will source their energy through being around others, I’m in tune with the fact that solitude is my way to recharge. I also maintain meditation and running. These two are great ways for me to reset and clear my mind before any big tasks or days ahead.

Gabryel: I saw that 2PEONIES began as a journal, how important is storytelling to your business today?

Julia: Yes, good catch on that connection, it's really important and a huge part! I believe it to be one of the key differentiators between us and other floral brands, although I didn’t set out to be a brand that values storytelling for that reason. My background is in creative direction and editorial — so when starting my own brand, storytelling visually and through meaningful text was a must.





Gabryel: What was the inspiration behind creating the flower delivery circuit and what has the response been like so far?

Julia: The inspiration behind the delivery circuit was a lack of affordable floral options and a desire to enlighten people on the positive effects that minimal flora have on our surroundings, interactions, and emotions.

So far it seems our clients understand our mission. The service is not for everyone — the flowers are simple and a lot of experimentation goes into our designs as we grow. The circuit is usually the first place we test out our new flower combinations.

For $68 dollars a month clients receive bi-weekly surprise arrangements — but it isn't a fussy service. However, we do have notes on accounts for preferences that are easy to accommodate.

The circuiters truly like our approach to flowers and are excited to receive something new every time. 


Explore the 2Peonies catalogue to discover their beautiful floral arrangements, weekly specials, and floral delivery circuit — or visit them on Instagram to catch a glimpse of their latest creations.

Photographer - Ness Devos

 Conversation with Gabryel Lake